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Areas of Practice

I am a Criminal Defense and DUI Attorney serving Southern California, including Orange County and Los Angeles County. I can handle many aspects of your case with a high level of professionalism and expertise, including gathering evidence, calling witnesses, working as a liason between you and the prosecutor, determining a sentencing program that best suits you, helping you to understand the trial process and what is happening in court, navigating your case through the legal system, and more. If you are looking for a Criminal Defense or DUI attorney with a proven track record, please call me today for a FREE consultation.

Criminal Defense and DUI Lawyers can handle cases in a variety of areas. Below you will find specific information about my areas of practice.

Drug Sales and Possession

DUI, DWI and the DMV

Domestic Violence

Criminal Threats



Theft Crimes


Christopher J McCann

Call: (888) 360-4-CJM to get your free case review!
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